Nothing is Given (Free Single)

by combatplayer



An old track i made, but i decided to make it free as i no longer had a high quality version of the track. It was initially an experiment with synthetic voices.


(spoken male robot voice)

People owe the world their all, yet nothing is given, p-p-people owe the world their a-a-a-all, ye-e-e-et

(Singing male robot voice)

Nothing is given o-o-o-o, nothing is given wo-o-o-o.

(Singing female voice)

Our galaxy is a giant place, yet just a spot in the vacuum of space.
We have this endless sea of resources at hand.
What do you need?
What will you demand?
We're a virus with needs destroying this land.

(Spoken male robot voice)

Planet earth isn't going anywhere. However, we are.
We are not destroying the planet,
we are just making it impossible for us to live on it.
Call it mass suicide if you will,
because that is what it is.


released August 11, 2015
The girl in the cover art is by RiceGnat




combatplayer Denmark

Hello there, I know no fancy terms or techniques as I am 100% self taught.
I've tried many different DAW's in the time I've worked with music, but so far my DAW of choice is definitely FL Studio. Among other things, I've produced the music used in Dischan's visual novels. ... more

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